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Egg Carton Artic, Speech Therapy Activities, L Articulation, Homework

Egg Carton Artic, Speech Therapy Activities, L Articulation, Homework
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About This Product

Egg Carton Artic, Speech Therapy Activities, L Articulation, Homework

Egg Carton Artic, a practical and engaging resource for kids, bridges the gap between fun and learning. It beautifully addresses alveolar sounds with a substantial focus on /l/ and /n/ articulations. The tool is designed for year-round use.

It boasts an impressive list of

  • Over 70 target words for /l/ and /n/ sounds in various word positions.
  • Six unique egg carton overlays for initial, medial, and final word positions.
  • Six matching monitoring cards along with match-up picture sets designed specifically for games or sentence strips.
  • Vibrant sentence strip to expand vocabulary while reinforcing the target sounds. Black-and-white outline copies are also included that double as coloring activity worksheets or at-home practice material.

Versatility & Implementation

The real charm of this resource lies in its versatility; it can be easily adapted to both individual therapy sessions as well as group learning experiences. Detailed directions included within the set offer step-by-step guidance on implementing various games such as ‘Dice Word Drill’, ‘Word Match Up’ etc., all using simple materials like dice or cut-up squares placed inside an egg carton.

A Resource with Year-Long Application Potential!

While its egg-carton theme might make it especially relevant during springtime; given its comprehensive coverage of over 70 articulation exercises - it has great application potential throughout the year!

Crafting exciting learning experiences!

This meticulously crafted teaching toolkit aims to make challenging pronunciation skills excitingly enjoyable for students. Whether its use is within a regular classroom setting or one-to-one with pupils needing special attention in speech therapy - 'Egg Carton Artic, Speech Therapy Activities, L Articulation, Homework' proves to be an indispensable resource.

What's Included


Six different egg carton overlays for L and N (L: initial, medial, final/ N: initial, medial, final)

Six different monitoring cards

Six different sets of match-up pictures for games and sentence strips

Six different sentence strips for expansion

Targets over 70 alveolar words

*Use black and white outline copies for coloring activity or send home for practice!


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