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Egg Carton Artic, Speech Therapy Activities, Bilabial words, M B P Articulation

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About This Product

Egg Carton Artic: An Innovative Speech Therapy Resource

Egg Carton Artic is an engaging speech therapy activity resource, designed to enhance learning experiences for kids. It consists of interactive games with a focus on bilabial sounds. Equipped with over 100 target words for /m/, /b/, and /p/ sounds, it offers a resourceful tool for educators in different setups like public schools, homeschooling environments or small learning groups.

Crafted Games Inside Egg Carton Artic:

  • Dice Integrated Activity: This uses dice inside an egg carton overlay and vocabulary practice where students pronounce specific words depending on the dice landing spot. Additionally, it consists of monitoring cards where students can tick off previously said words and rate their pronunciations.

  • Word Match-Up: In this cognitive skills challenging game, learners are required to match a revealed image with its corresponding one on the top overlay within the egg carton setup.

  • Picture Search: This activity takes student engagement up another level by inducing curiosity through guessing where certain pictures will be using sentence strips.

The package includes distinct egg cartons overlays for /m/, /b/, and /p/ sound positions (initial, medial, final), monitoring cards and sets of match-up pictures.

For diverse usage options both colored copies along with black-and-white outlines have been provided that can be put to multifaceted uses like coloring practices during breaks or as homework assignments.

These components encourage rich gameplays alongside comprehensive sentence formation exercises.To ensure longevity, we recommend printing resources on card stock followed by laminating.Encompassing such variety of features, this resource finds a befitting place in any speech therapy lesson plan.

What's Included


Nine different egg carton overlays for /m/, /b/, and /p/ (M: initial, medial, final/ P: initial, medial, final/ B: initial, medial, final)

Nine different monitoring cards

Nine different sets of match-up pictures for games and sentence strips

Six different sentence strips for expansion

Targets over 100 bilabial words

*Use black and white outline copies for coloring activity or send home for practice!

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speech therapy articulation educational resource interactive games vocabulary practice

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