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Disfruta Thumbnail Sticker

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About This Product

The Disfruta Thumbnail Sticker Set

This superb resource tool is designed for all grade levels, lending a playful and engaging touch to your digital classrooms. Not confined to just art & music lessons, it has a broad application range extending through the spectrum of subjects taught.

What Does the Pack Include?

  • Four animated stickers in GIF format.
  • Four static images in PNG format.

The stickers' varied formats give you extensive flexibility when integrating them into various digital platforms such as Google Classroom, Seesaw, Slides and Canva.

A Fun Tool For Engaging Interactions & Feedback

The animation of these stickers brings an element of excitement to teaching techniques by visually enhancing digital interactions between teachers and students. They're also ideal for motivating students during distance learning sessions as they can represent achievement or praise in a light-hearted manner.

You can even use them:

  1. To provide personalised feedback or appreciation notes on student assignments/test submissions;
  2. In whole-group activities as tokens or rewards for active participation;

Efficient Use Of Time & Resources In Digital Education

Apart from promoting dynamic engagement during virtual lessons, these Disfruta Thumbnail Stickers serve also as time-savers – priceless for educators managing multiple roles daily.

In Summary...

To interpret this versatile asset solely as merely 'graphics' is underplaying its potential significantly—the Disfruta Thumbnail Sticker pack blends aesthetic appeal with functionality effortlessly thereby easing your instruction delivery over remote learning methods.

What's Included

4 animated stickers (gif)

4 static stickers (png)

There are 4 designs. Please check the thumbnails.

Resource Tags

interactive stickers digital resources online teaching feedback tool classroom engagement

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