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Eggcited Easter Egg Hunt Game

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Eggcited Easter Egg Hunt Game: A Multi-faceted Educational Resource

Eggcited Easter Egg Hunt Game is a comprehensive learning aid, designed specifically for educators and homeschooling parents. This game instills an interactive learning experience - combining critical concepts like memory, counting, and teaching prepositions with traditional Easter egg hunt activities.

Layered Learning Approach

This game is far from just being a memory or counting exercise but serves as an engaging platform for teaching essential grammar facets such as “there is” and “there are”. It also introduces students to common positional terms – behind (in back of), on, in, under, next to, over – amicably merged into the fun-filled package of an Easter egg hunt activity.

School Grade Range: 1-4

Catering to school grades from 1 through 4 - this resource provides value for every participating student. It comes complete with everything needed for fun educational gameplay:

  • The game board that can be folded into four parts or left unfolded if desired
  • Paper die used during play
  • Colored egg cards & counting cards
  • Dedicated spaces where eggs can be positioned according to preposition instructions
  • Detailed usage guide including rules.
Note: Thoughtful design elements are apparent in the planned cut-outs comes along with lamination suggestions ensuring enhanced durability. Clear tape advice is provided for reinforcing certain sections on the board.
Fits Adaptability Criterion Excellently

The adapted usage spans whole group classroom activities or small home-based groups. It could also serve individual study times if needed. Whether for number recognition practice during holiday themes, or for understanding critical language skills – Eggcited Easter Egg Hunt Game satisfies the requirements by repackaging the much-loved Easter egg hunt gameplay in an engaging and educational fashion.

What's Included

2 PDFs with rules and instructions

4 folders with printable JPG files

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