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Egypt World History Unit

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

Egypt World History Unit

This is an Egypt World History Unit that will provide students with resources from the beginning to end of a unit. This unit will leave students feeling more knowledgeable about this point in history and equipped to tackle any and all comprehensive activities related to Egypt. This unit is great for middle school students.

What You Get:

You will receive a zip file that includes:

1. Info Sheet

2. Homework

3. Lesson Plans

4. Crosswords

5. Flashcards

6. Presentation

7. Tests

How to Use Egypt World History Unit:

This is a comprehensive unit of study that will have many components to make learning come to life:

Worksheets cover eleven topics on the history of Ancient Egypt:

• Egyptian Geography

• Early Settlers

• The Old, Middle, & New Kingdoms

• Powers & Role of Pharaohs

• Egyptian Religion

• Egyptian Writing

• Tomb Building

• Egyptian Medicine

• Families in Ancient Egypt

• The Decline of Egypt

• Alexander the Great & the Ptolemys

The basic set includes text readings, analysis questions, and a variety of different project and image sheets.

Modified worksheets are included in the file which have more concise readings as well as a variety of different tasks and activities for ELL students and those who require a modified curriculum. Each worksheet has a corresponding answer sheet to help check students work.

A test is included which features multiple choice, short written response, and picture questions.

Students can use a set of flashcards to help revise of their tests.

A PowerPoint presentation is included which features enlarged readings, animations, and images to help guide students through the materials and illustrate key points.

Also included are replacement note-taking slides and sheets which can be used in place of the readings/worksheets for each topic if you wish to save time or practice note taking.

Crossword sheets have been made for each topic as potential review/challenge activities for students.

I hope you enjoy!! 

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