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El color púrpura - Kit de Literatura Gr. 9-12

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled El color púrpura - Kit de Literatura Gr. 9-12 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

El color púrpura - Kit de Literatura Gr. 9-12

This is a critical educational resource specifically tailored to highlight the challenges African American women had to grapple with during the 1930s. It outlines their journey of untold hardship ending in self-discovery. This intellectual tool is meant for educators and homeschooling parents aimed at fostering an insightful understanding of multicultural literature among students in grades 9 through 12.

An Overview:

In addition to providing an intuitive structure promoting improved reading comprehension, this kit exploits thought-stimulating activities such as:

  • Determining how the novel's format influences its narrative tone
  • Gathering evidence concerning character relationships and roles
  • Spurring healthy debates on modern gender relations vis-a-vis what's reflected in the story
Pedagogical Impact:

The kit—one inspired by Bloom's Taxonomy—utilizes multiple scaffolding tactics supplemented with crosswords, word searches, comprehension tests as well as providing additional answer keys.

A noteworthy feature that enhances its pedagogical impact is its adherence to state standards—which helps educators incorporate crucial subjects into their syllabus confidently.

Bonus Features:

  • The formation of detailed police reports based on significant events within the story
  • Filling tables indicating how religion directly influences crucial factors in specific genres
    • Distribution Format:

      This all-inclusive kit comes in a PDF format—an accessible file type ensuring immediate availability for educators wishing to effortlessly diversify their literary offerings.

      Cultural Engagement & Language Proficiency:

      This study companion significantly impacts World Languages study, especially Spanish. It serves to widen students' cultural perspectives while fostering language proficiency levels befitting higher academic settings—like classrooms within grades nine up until twelve.

      Learner Engagement:

      It can be incorporated in a group setting or small guided clusters and even works well as independent homework. Regardless, the El color púrpura - Kit de Literatura Gr. 9-12 provides an excellent platform for exploring societal themes while promoting an appreciation for literary elements.

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