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El Hacha - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6

El Hacha - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6
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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

El Hacha - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6

El Hacha - Kit de Literatura Gr. 5-6 takes students on an adrenaline-pumping adventure inspired by a plane crash in the unforgiving wilderness of Canada, serving as a primer to understand basic survival needs. This resource instigates students to delve deeper into the novel and provides an excellent springboard for vibrant classroom discussions.

Student interactions with this teaching tool extend beyond rote learning, stretching their thinking abilities.

  • For instance, they can demonstrate profound knowledge of the story's framework by identifying potential animal encounters or terrain Brian might face in his quest for survival.
  • Additionally, true or false questions about Brian's encounter with the turtle and its eggs engage critical thinking skills.
  • Interactive Learning Components

    An additional interactive component is when students are asked to describe how Brian appeared when he saw his reflection in the lake, adding a layer of empathetic understanding to their reading experience. They have an opportunity to complete sentences using vocabulary words from the book for enhanced linguistic prowess and actively imagine themselves as Brian while formulating their own survival strategies.

    The learning continues through creative tasks that include crosswords and word searches aligned with state standards. A key factor that boosts student engagement is detailed table completion detailing events that Brian survives, his subsequent reactions, and important takeaways from those experiences.

    Newbery Honor Book: El Hacha

    This Grade 5-6 literature kit also revolves around an additional storyline - Newbery honor book El Hacha - narrating a tale of young boy surviving after a plane crash far off the flight plan amidst hostile surroundings; armed only with his mother-given axe (known as El Hacha).

    • From battling threats such as bears, porcupines and tornadoes
    • To discovering essential survival tools like shelter-building and fire-making techniques.
    • This gripping tale truly absorbs youth directly into experiencing rather than passively memorising content.

    Last Thoughts

    In essence, 'El Hacha’ – Kit De Literatura Gr 5-6’ offers a rich blend of educational thrills tied together with comprehensive comprehension tests along with the answer keys. Packaged in a downloadable PDF format, this book companion stands out as an interactive teaching resource for world languages, specifically Spanish. As these materials offer extensive learning opportunities and promote critical thinking abilities, they can function effectively in varied settings such as whole group discussions, small instructional groups or even as homework assignments.

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