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Electricity Unit Study Writing Prompts

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Grade 4, 5





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About This Product

This product contains 5 writing prompts and templates to complement your Electricity Unit Study. Write a letter to your utility company, write a biography of a famous scientist, explain how electricity works, write a persuasive essay "Is Using Electricity Worth It?" and make up a narrative about what it would have been like to get electricity in your home if you'd never had it before.


What You Get:

· Letter to a Utility Company template and example – Read the example letter to a utility company with your class. Brainstorm reasons why we should be thankful for the work they do and any questions the students might have for them. Have your students write a first draft of a letter to the utility company. Edit. Then publish a final draft before sending. Review parts of a letter before beginning the writing assignment as well as how to properly address an envelope.


· 5 templates for a Biography on Scientist who worked with Electricity – Assign or allow your students to choose a scientist who has helped to further the development and discovery of electricity. Do research or have lessons on these people and then have your students write a rough draft of a biography explaining their contribution to science. Edit. Then publish in a final draft.



· 2 templates for a "How Does Electricity Work?" Expository assignment – Review verbally how electricity is made and used. Have your students verbalize the process as well with a neighbor. Have your students write a first draft about how electricity is created. Edit. Then publish a final draft.


· "Is Using Electricity Worth It" packet including evidence, sorting and organization page, and writing templates – Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using electricity. Review the included facts. Then have your students cut them apart and organize them according to which opinion they support. Glue them onto the planner sheet and add notes. Write a first draft. Edit. Then publish a final draft.



· Narrative about Electricity template – Help your students imagine that they live in a time when electricity is brand new but they don’t have it in their home. Talk about how their home would be different. Then talk about what that might have been like for someone to have electricity in their home for the very first time. Have your students brainstorm and write a narrative story as if they were a child living in that time. Have them write about the experience of having electricity installed in their home for the first time! What was it like? What was different? How did they feel about it?

What's Included

A 25 page printable PDF

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