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Elephants Informational Book | Nonfiction Early Reader Animal Booklet

Elephants Informational Book | Nonfiction Early Reader Animal Booklet
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About This Product

This nonfiction animal book about ELEPHANTS is perfect for teaching your student or child to read informational text. Real photos bring the world to life for your new readers. These simple books come with quite a few extra resources so that you can extend learning and learn vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and more! Although the book is simple, it also contains a glossary and a table of contents, and title page so that you can teach about important text features. This compact little kit can be used in so many ways and is just so handy to print and read with your students!


How To Use This:

Print this simple color booklet, fold all the pages together, and then use a stapler to bind them into a book. Read the book with your student. Read as a class, as pairs, in small groups, or individually. They can also be send home as homework with the coordinating homework response worksheet. Print the blank booklet to give your students a chance to make their own book about this animal. You can also choose a report-style writing project with the report template included. Have students answer the comprehension and response questions. Use the vocabulary word strips to review the words they see bolded in the book and that they’ll find in the glossary of the book. 9 word cards are included as practice cards to sound out words they will see in this book. This is a great resource for your very new readers who still may rely heavily on their phonics skills to decipher new words.

Send a booklet home with a student with the coordinating homework page or read the booklets together as group reading. These are also commonly used as source material for expository writing projects and reports.


What You Get

· "The ABC's of Helping Your Child Read Non-Fiction" Parent handout

· 8 page color booklet about ELEPHANTS

· Half page blank student booklet so student can write their own version

· Comprehension and response worksheet

· Reading homework assignment

· Sounding out cards for 9 theme words

· Word Strips for 6 vocabulary words with definitions for your word wall

· Reading chart to motivate your new readers

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