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Non-Fiction Early Reader: Polar Bears Unit

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About This Product

Non-Fiction Early Reader: Polar Bears Unit

The Non-Fiction Early Reader: Polar Bears Unit is a comprehensive reading resource designed to nurture new readers on their journey towards accessing and comprehending nonfiction materials. Aimed at children in Grades 1 through 4, it covers various components of Reading within Language Arts over a stretch of 84 pages.

This invaluable resource includes an engaging nonfiction book about polar bears integrating real photographs. Accompanying the main booklets are substantial resources such as:

  • Non-fiction text feature posters: These elucidate various elements in informative text covering subtopics including Table of Contents, illustrations and graphics, Glossary and Index usage.
  • Teacher guides:: These are fortified with themed words, comprehension questions and insightful reading tips providing educators ample support as they co-facilitate students' literacy pathway.
  • Sounding out cards and word strips:: Based on theme-related terms these significantly augment phonics learning experience while also updating vocabulary complimented by respective definitions along-with pictures.
  • A homework assignment:This helps to reinforce what learners gained from shared reading experiences at school or home.

To ensure inclusivity with differing reading abilities there are two versions:

  • The first aimed at Guided Reading Level K-DRA Level 20 (Lexile Level:450L-699L)
  • The second suiting Guided Reading Level S - DRA Level:40 (Lexile level:875L-925L)

An 'ABC's' parent handout enlightening parents about aiding their child with non-fiction reading besides a blank student booklet for children to write their own version enhances the usefulness of the comprehensive unit.

In essence, this Early Reader Unit deftly merges learning about nature, enriching vocabulary with development of crucial literacy skills.

What's Included

84-page PDF

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