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Emotional Response BINGO, Differentiated SEL Activities For K-5th

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Life Skills


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

Emotional Response BINGO

The Emotional Response BINGO is a resource packed with 56 pages of materials designed to support K-5th grade learners emotionally and socially. It includes comprehensive lesson plans, step-by-step instructions for an engaged learning experience, and other hands-on activities.

What You Will Find Inside:

  • Two Comprehensive Lesson Plans: Detailed outlines perfect for small group sessions or standalone classroom stations.
  • 'Emotional Response BINGO' & 'Emotions Snowball Fight/Toss': Highly interactive activities to encourage participatory learning.
  • Cards for 24 Emotional Scenarios: These are tailored separately for K-2nd graders and 3rd-5th graders keeping their understanding in perspective.

Bonus Interactive Materials:

  • Illustrated badges & customizable sets: Designed specifically to resonate with students’ individual comprehension levels.
  • Fully equipped "Bingo" boards (3x3 and 5x5):Apart from its versatility, these offer activity flexibility suiting different teaching methodologies.
  • ""Match or Mismatch":"This bonus behavioral activity facilitates experiential learning enhancing self-awareness among students.

The resource additionally offers visuals that clarify confusing aspects of emotional responses which in turn makes this otherwise hard-to-grasp subject much more approachable.
In essence, this versatile guide enables teachers an effective channel to develop their student’s potentials while creating a fun-filled yet educative environment.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 56 Pages

Directions and Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan For Two Group Activities (2 pages)

Directions For Emotional Response BINGO Activity

Directions For Emotions Snowball Fight/Toss


24 Emotional Response Scenario Cards For k-2nd Grade Students

24 Emotional Response Scenario Cards For 3rd-5th Grade Students

Emotion Responses Badges

32 Badges For Use With Bonus Activities

1 Set Of Editable Badges

BINGO Boards

5 Different 5x5 "BINGO" Boards

5 Different 3x3 "BINGO" Boards

Bonus Activities

Bonus Activity 1: Behavior Activity

1 "Match or "Mismatch" Emotional Responses Behavior Chart

Bonus Activity 2: Behavior Maps

1 Emotional Response Behavior Flow Chart (Emotional Match)

1 Emotional Response Behavior Flow Chart (Emotional Mismatch)


Visuals For "Talk Time"

Visuals For The "Jobs Of The Listener"

Visuals For The "Jobs Of The Speaker"


1 EDITABLE 3x3 Board

1 EDITABLE 5x5 Board

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