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Superhero BINGO! Differentiated For K-5th

Superhero BINGO!  Differentiated For K-5th
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About This Product

Superhero BINGO! Differentiated for Kindergarten-5th grade

The Superhero BINGO! Differentiated for Kindergarten-5th grade, is an activity designed to enhance important social skills among elementary students. Combining play and practicality, this resource becomes a fun learning tool that teachers can use to impart important life lessons.

Playing BINGO

Besides being just a game, BINGO can be an avenue for exercising key competencies like persistence in focus, good sportsmanship, and enhancing flexible thinking abilities. This set is suitable for small social skills groups but versatile enough to cater larger classroom numbers too.

Differentiation: 5x5 Board vs 3x3 Board

  • The popular bingo board comes in two formats - the usual 5x5 board and a much simpler 3x3 format .
  • The latter encompasses elements of superhero culture with square labels such as BAM., POW., ZOW., ZAP., BOP., ZAM.. promoting student engagement throughout the entirety of the game.

Incorporation into Classroom Sessions/Shindigs

You may choose to play this game either during academic sessions or even party games - remember, fun isn't restricted by spaces or timings!

About Superhero Bingo Set...

  • This bingo is not confined only to playing; it also has
    calling out cards compatible with both versions of boards,
    which heightens anticipation for students waiting for their pattern completion.
  • It comprises 34 pages which include easy play call cards and long play call cards, thereby boosting its versatility.
  • All materials are available in PDF format making accessibility and usability hassle-free.

In short,...

This unique educational resource combines fun with learning - an instant classroom hit for educators seeking to make a profound difference in the lives of their students!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 34 Pages


Thank You Page

Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {FREE, Weekly Social Skills Resources}

> 6 5x5 BINGO {HERO!} Boards

Easy Play Call Cards

Long Play Call Cards

> 6 3x3 BINGO Boards {BAM, POW, ZOW, ZAP, BOP, ZAM}

Easy Play Call Cards

> 9 Superhero Call Out Cards For BINGO

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