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English-Korean action words Flashcards along with Romanization

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English-Korean Action Words Flashcards with Romanization This teaching resource features 113 action words (verbs) presented on flashcards in English, Korean, and Romanization to support language learning. The flashcards cover common verbs like walk, dance, sleep, teach, help, pull, talk, and more. This versatile resource can be used in many settings to build communication skills. Educators can use these cards whole group, small group, as a homework resource, or in language classes. The cards help students comprehend vocabulary, pronunciation, and usage. Created for early elementary grades, but useful for all ages including English language learners. The intuitive design allows independent student practice. Whether you're a teacher guiding language development or a parent facilitating home learning, these thoughtfully designed flashcards make learning engaging. Use this unique tool to help students gain confidence with English and Korean action words.

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