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English-Turkish Action Verbs ESL Vocabulary Flashcards

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English-Turkish Action Verbs Vocabulary Flashcards These bilingual flashcards feature 115 essential action verbs to help students learn English and Turkish. The 8 pages of vocabulary words aid young English language learners, with a different verb on each card. Clear images visually represent the words to build understanding. Use these versatile flashcards whole-group, small-group, as a homework assignment, or in learning centers. Learners will expand their action verb vocabulary with words like walk, dance, study, smile, and more. The large text helps students read and pronounce these foundational verbs. Educators can efficiently integrate these cards into lessons to grow English and Turkish literacy. Check the detailed verb list to see if this vocabulary resource aligns with your curriculum needs.

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Action Verbs ESL English Turkish Vocabulary Flashcards

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