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Escape Study Hall! Boom Cards

An educational teaching resource from Jennifer Moyer Taylor entitled Escape Study Hall! Boom Cards downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Life Skills



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About This Product

Escape Study Hall! Boom Cards

Escape Study Hall! Boom Cards aim to enrich the learning experience of students from 5th grade up to University level, with a focus on indispensable study skills. Presented in an engaging deck format, the resource provides practical lessons to improve students' academic performance.

An Interactive Journey

The information-rich content takes learners on an interactive journey where they will find themselves exploring and mastering several crucial facets of successful studying. Students will be prompted to participate actively through drag and drop activities and fill-in-the-blank sentences. They are gently guided through various aspects of effective studying habits such as:

  • Test preparation methods,
  • Test-taking strategies,
  • Optimising their study environment,
  • Note-taking techniques, and
  • Understanding class teaching content.

A Fun Learning Experience

The resource uses relatable examples that resonate with learners at these education levels. The element of fun is also injected into the educational process by employing witty puzzles for essential concepts like improving grades - Check your grades and don't be an ostrich or for study prep - Study Smarter, Not Harder. Offering more engagement features are some entertaining GIFs which make learning enjoyable without compromising its usefulness.

A recommended strategy for educators while using this tool can involve getting students to enumerate three new concepts they learned from each session. This approach not only reinforces their understanding but stimulates them towards focused reading and active assimilation of knowledge obtained from these cards.

To ensure smooth accessibility across various devices such as Android, iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fires etc., it is essential that users stay connected online when using Escape Study Hall! Boom Cards. While adults need a Boom Learning account for security issues also being able to assign Boom Cards; instant feedback on student’s performance can only be expected with Fast Pins feature purchase. -

This wholesome teaching resource can prove beneficial over individual or group educational set-ups extending even upto serving as supplementary materials during homework assignments. Escape Study Hall! Boom cards lend themselves as valued additions fostering Life Skills over a broad grade spectrum making studies vivid, worthwhile and enjoyable.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the picture.

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