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European Portuguese: ""as estações, O tempo e a minha roupa - The Seasons, the weather, and my clothes.

European Portuguese: ""as estações, O tempo e a minha roupa - The Seasons, the weather, and my clothes.
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European Portuguese: As Estações, O Tempo e a Minha Roupa - The Seasons, the Weather, and My Clothes

This educational tool is designed for introducing preschoolers or children in grade 1 to 2, vocabulary related to clothing, seasons and weather terms in European Portuguese.

  • 16 vibrant clothing flashcards: Perfect for group tasks or homework assignments. Illustrations help with verbal articulation & comprehension skills.
  • Tic-tac-toe game - jogo da velha: A fun way of learning that encourages competition amongst peers and better grasp over concepts.

Inclusive Learning Methodology

This resource uses untraditional methods such as bilingual thinking which promotes seamless transition of the learnt language into everyday life. It consists of:

  1. Four illuminating English-Portuguese weather pattern flashcards:
  2. This helps students relate their educationally learnt concepts with practical applicability.

  3. Four comprehensive seasons flashcards dual-guiding between both English & Portuguese:
  4. This helps bolster confidence while subtly expanding students' liguistic range.

    Sentence Formation Exercise

    Following vocabulary teaching modules this set concludes with ''Que roupa vais vestir?' activity.

    This activity emphasizes critical thinking when it comes to combining color names with descriptions of cloths & shoes targeting practical usage from an early stage itself!

    Note: This educational resource is compiled within an easy-to-navigate five page PDF.

    A fine balance between learning & fun!

    This interactive tool will make your students fall in love with Portuguese. It merges classroom education with everyday life skills providing not just an educational but a holistic learning experience.

What's Included

A PDF with 5 pages

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