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Expanded Form to Standard Form Digital Self-Checking Activity

Expanded Form to Standard Form Digital Self-Checking Activity
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Place Value


Grade 4



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About This Product

Expanded Form to Standard Form Digital Self-Checking Activity

The Expanded Form to Standard Form Digital Self-Checking Activity is an engaging teaching tool aimed at fourth grade students studying Math, especially Place Value. This Google Sheets-based activity brings lessons to life in a digital format and encourages learners to transform numbers from expanded form into standard form.

Mystery Picture Reveal Feature

This resource uses a digital version of the 'Mystery Picture Reveal'. As each question is correctly answered by the student, part of a picture will be revealed on screen! Incorrect answers will not progress the image revelation - giving immediate visual feedback.

Digital Distribution & Integration

This activity includes twelve problems delivered via Google Sheets for easy digital distribution. This convenient feature also allows for seamless integration with most Learning Management Systems once saved on your personal Google Drive.

  • Use in class or as homework assignments.
  • Easily employ this valuable resource as math warm-ups, exit tickets, lesson checks or reteaching aids/reviews.

Additional Resources

An accompanying Student Recording Sheet and Teacher Answer Key have been included:

  • The Student Recording Sheet allows pupils to demonstrate their thought processes leading up to problem-solving attempts - reinforcing thorough comprehension over simple rote learning.
  • A Teacher Answer Key saves you precious time in checking each answer yourself.

If you prioritize resources addressing both procedural and conceptual understanding, consider adding this handy tool into your instructional arsenal making mathematics more engaging and comprehensible for all learners alike!

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

12 Write Expanded Form in Standard Form Problems in Google Sheets to save you time correcting

Student Recording Sheet so that students show their process

Teacher Answer Key to save you time

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