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Word Form to Standard Form Through One Million Digital Self-Checking Activity

An educational teaching resource from Digitally Yours Shop entitled Word Form to Standard Form Through One Million Digital Self-Checking Activity downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4



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About This Product

<h3>Word Form to Standard Form Through One Million Digital Self-Checking Activity</h3> <p>This resource is ideal for educators, who are on the lookout for gratifying and engaging activities that can promote procedural and conceptual understanding of mathematical content, particularly in place value. Aptly titled <b><i>"Word Form to Standard Form Through One Million Digital Self-Checking Activity"</i></b>, it transforms the tedious task of learning math into an exciting adventure.</p> <p>Created using Google Sheets, this digital resource progresses beyond ordinary workbook exercises by incorporating a self-grading system that enables students to learn while they play. It features an intriguing mystery picture reveal that’s sure to captivate students while aiding their mathematical proficiency.</p> <h4>About the activity:</h4/> <p>This activity presents learners with 12 word form problems which require conversion into standard numerical form. It pushes them through the cognitive processes required in converting word numbers up to one million into standard numerical format—tackling grade-based mathematical challenges head-on!<p> <p>Student engagement is prioritized as success solves more pieces of the mystery puzzle picture. Positive reinforcement is integrated through a green highlight for correct responses revealing part of the mystery picture while incorrect answers are designated red without revealing new parts— encouraging accuracy without dampening interest.</p>

Benefits for Educators:

  • No need for manual correction - automated self-checks get this done seamlessly
  • A student recording sheet allows insight on their approach towards problem-solving
The resource comes complete with a teachers' answer key—a beneficial tool enabling thorough preparation and guiding precision when reviewing students’ output or preparing lessons.


Your classroom days could get much easier and more productive with zero-prep resources like this one offering flexible usage suited for various instructional modes including:

  • Homework assignments
  • Morning work sets
  • Exit ticket exercises
Lastly, being a digital-native resource, it ensures you can instantly make it available via Google Classroom or any other Learning Management Systems to provide access at school or home. <p>Ultimately yielding tremendous gains in place value calculation and comprehension, this resource is truly an invigorating approach to teaching for the Fourth-grade educators.</p>

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

12 Write Word Form in Standard Form Problems in Google Sheets to save you time correcting

Student Recording Sheet so that students show their process

Teacher Answer Key to save you time

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