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Experimental Probability SCAVENGER HUNT

An educational teaching resource from The Math Cafe entitled Experimental Probability SCAVENGER HUNT downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Experimental Probability Scavenger Hunt

An engaging and hands-on math activity for grade 7 students, this resource ensures a comprehensive grasp of key statistical concepts like experimental probabilities and proportional reasoning.

This teaching toolkit comprises:

  • An easy-to-follow activity where students interact with ten different experimental probability scenarios.
  • The challenge to solve each problem using proportions and correlate their answers with separate cards in the game, encouraging cummulative learning.

One of this activity's unique features is its cyclic design: Learners return to their starting card after working through all the probability situations - providing immediate feedback if completed correctly.

Adaptable Activity Design:

Suitable for both physical classrooms or distance learning settings via Google Slides. The quality of interaction remains uncompromised irrespective of your preferred teaching medium.

Included Answer Key:

  • A boon for busy educators as it exempts them from spending needless time cross-verifying solutions.
Safety Terms:
  1. All rights reserved. Content sharing across multiple users isn't permitted unless necessary licenses procured accordingly.


File delivery via PDF format. Appropriate grade level - Grade 7 Math Studies aligned with curricular objectives centered on statistics-based concepts.

What's Included

This resource contains the following resources:

1) Experimental Probability SCAVENGER HUNT Activity (printable & version for Google Slides)

•Students will be given 10 experimental probability situations requiring the use of a proportion to solve.

•They should find the answer they need on a separate card. They will begin to work on this card next, and repeat the process. Their final card should lead them back to the card they started with (a GREAT self-checking activity).

•The version for Google Slides can be accessed by following the link on page 1 of the PDF download

2) Answer Key

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