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Fall CVC "E" Words Clip Cards - EBOOK

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Fall CVC E Words Clip Cards

The Fall CVC E Words Clip Cards is a highly engaging, hands-on teaching resource perfect for educators looking to incorporate fun and interactive activities into learning sessions. This resource is particularly pertinent for those teaching Kindergarten and Grade 1 pupils. It offers an inspiring way to bring the season of autumn alive in your classroom while augmenting the students' command of CVC words containing the vowel 'e'.

Imagine familiarizing your students with 'e' words like jet, den, gem, hen, and ten in a way that evokes images of falling leaves and autumn vibes. With these clip cards, children get to strengthen their fine motor skills as they match words with pictures using clothespins.

Potential Uses:
  • A warm-up activity at the start of lessons
  • An addition to homework schedules for home learning synchronization.
  • A part of group work activities or study center tasks

In terms of storage, each card fits snugly along with clips (clothespins) into compact plastic photo boxes available at craft stores around you—a plus when considering space management or mobility concerns.

Bonus Feature:

A bonus feature comprises a title card which one may conveniently fasten on top of the designated storage box for easy recognition—a thoughtful consideration for educators who enjoy tidied up resources!

In Summary:

If you're an educator seeking a rich compilation tool featuring more than fifteen ‘e’ vowel fall-themed CVC words would find these Clip cards an excellent acquisition in their instruction kit—downloadable as PDF files upon purchase—all designed towards fostering literacy skills among our young learners!

What's Included

10 pages in PDF format

Resource Tags

fall CVC words clip cards fine motor skills autumn vibes

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