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Famous African-Americans in U.S. History (Grades 1–3) 10 books

Famous African-Americans in U.S. History (Grades 1–3) 10 books
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About This Product

Famous African-Americans in U.S. History (Grades 1–3)      

Famous African-Americans in U.S. History (Grades 1–3) is a comprehensive teaching resource featuring ten books introducing students to key figures who contributed significantly to American society. The range of profiles spans across different sectors: civil rights, inventions, education, and agriculture and includes males and females, young and old.

About the Resource

The learning resource features famous African-Americans such as Martin Luther King Jr., Garrett Morgan, Richard Allen, Sojourner Truth, W.E.B. DuBois, George Washington Carver, Thurgood Marshall, Ruby Bridges, Benjamin Banneker, and Harriet Tubman. Each book delivers pertinent information about these individuals while offering an engaging context for vocabulary development aligned with Common Core Standards for ELA and National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies.

Possible Usage

Educators have the flexibility to adjust the content according to class size or individual needs and interests. The material can be used for whole-classroom instruction or divided among small groups for a cooperative learning experience and even for individualized instruction or homeschooling.

Activity Sheets and Answer Keys

Each book includes activity sheets intended to support reinforcement and a deeper understanding of learned concepts. Answer Keys are included within this sprawling 54-page resource.

This collection of leveled readers seamlessly combines literacy and historical awareness among young learners, striking a balance between academic progression and inspirational learning.

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