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Farm Animals Math Coloring Pages Addition to 10 & 20 Color by Number Code Sheets

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Farm Animals Math Coloring Pages – Addition to 10 & 20 Color by Number Code Sheets

The Farm Animals Math Coloring Pages - Addition to 10 & 20 Color by Number Code Sheets is a unique resource designed for educators. It combines the power of engaging, farm animal-themed worksheets with color code activities to foster learning through fun and interactive tasks. These worksheets give students practice with their addition facts while allowing them to reveal a hidden picture through coloring.

What makes this resource truly versatile is its suitability in various teaching contexts — be it calming morning work or homework assignment; it effortlessly adapts. More so, educators will find it immensely helpful as an easy-to-implement math center activity or as an exciting task for fast finishers. The absence of complicated setup procedures also means that this teaching aid doubles as print-and-go substitute math plans, simplifying your daily classroom prep time.

It is essential to note that these sheets come in two levels of addition; enabling differentiation among students according to their skills and understanding level.

  • This set consists of three distinct pages each, covering addition facts up to both 10 and 20.
However, the fundamental highlight remains its innovative color-by-number structure. Students become more engaged while solidifying their understanding of basic arithmetic operations since they have the added incentive of decoding a mystery image using color codes!

Building Essential Skills

Use these Farm Animal-themed worksheets not only boosts your learners' math skills but also fosters important qualities such as attention-to-detail, patience, and problem-solving abilities.

Suitable For What Ages:
  • Ideal for kindergarten-grade level up until grade two students majoring in math— specifically those looking at improving their additional mathematical knowledge.

Provided in a handy PDF format ensuring ease-of-use across different technological platforms and devices within classroom settings or at home for homeschoolers. Be certain that what you're investing in are comprehensively laid-out worksheets featuring illustrations like barns, roosters, chicks tractors pigs, and sheep that are not just conducive for learning but also engaging for young minds.

What's Included


⭐2 levels of addition for differentiation

⭐3 math coloring pages with addition facts to 10

⭐3 math coloring pages with addition facts to 20

⭐color coded at a glance answer keys

⭐Images include; barn, rooster, chicks, tractor, pig and sheep.

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