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Find the Whole from a Percent - Percent Proportions Self-Checking Activity

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Grade 6, 7



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About This Product

Find the Whole from a Percent - Percent Proportions Self-Checking Activity

Find the Whole from a Percent - Percent Proportions Self-Checking Activity is an innovative teaching resource designed primarily with middle school educators in mind. This digital activity bridges the gap between routine math problems and engrossing learning by transforming ration, proportion, and percent problems into fun, self-grading tasks.

Presented through Google Sheets, this education asset strays away from traditional homework or textbook questions. Instead it promotes interactive learning with 12 Find the Whole from a Percent Problems that importantly eliminate time-consuming manual correction practices.

A Fun and Interactive Learning Experience

This digital activity blends mathematical challenges with puzzle-solving elements inherent in Mystery Picture Reveal, ensuring students maintain interest while working on their task. The innovative system of automatically highlighting correct answers in green reveals part of the mystery picture; however false answers are made evident by red highlighting without disclosing any new picture details.

  • Morning work assignments.
  • Bell ringer activities.
  • Exit tickets & checks for understanding within lessons.
  • Reteaching/reviewing sessions and homework exercises.

Easily Integratable With No Prep Required!

This multifaceted tool requires no prior preparation making it suitable for instant integration with Google Classroom or alternative Learning Management Systems – ideal for teachers seeking readily available math activities focusing on procedural review and conceptual comprehension of crucial mathematical content. The provided teacher answer key adds further convenience to educators’ experience reducing marking time whilst simultaneously providing a reliable point of reference whenever required. + Suitable mostly for Grade 6 & 7 students studying Math subsubject Percentage Activities type curriculum.

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

12 Find the Whole from a Percent Problems in Google Sheets to save you time correcting

Student Recording Sheet so that students show their process

Teacher Answer Key to save you time

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