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Five Little Monkeys Video Storybook

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Five Little Monkeys Video Storybook downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Five Little Monkeys Video Storybook

Nurturing the love of reading early is vital, and with the Five Little Monkeys Video Storybook, it just got a whole lot enjoyable. This interactive teaching resource combines reading with a popular childhood song to make pre-reading skills instruction both fun and effective.

Using an entertaining classic song as its centerpiece, it presents young readers with a blend of read-along and sing-along options. Young learners will get involved in the tale of five mischievous monkeys who learn a valuable lesson about obedience and safety while having some fun jumping on their bed! The delightful countdown from five to one engrosses children as they watch each monkey fall off the bed due to their silly antics.

Featuring captivating illustrations throughout, repetitive sentences are utilized for easy assimilation by early learners—creating an ideal foundation for language arts development. Each page turn holds charming humor that will have students giggling all through. And after their jolly jumping ends (courtesy of mama monkey's counsel reinforced by doctor’s advice), little ones are in for another surprise - lively dreams!

This educational tool doesn't restrict teachers to one mode of use; instead, it can be adapted flexibly according to each unique classroom environment or homeschooling setup. Whether used as part of overall group learning activities or focused small group discussions centered on comprehension, or even assigned as an entertaining homework resource—it remains equally impactful.

The Sing A Story Series Titles:

  • The Five Little Monkeys Video Storybook
  • Old MacDonald Had A Farm
  • Ten In The Bed

Included in this package is an e-book format—a convenient cached option that ensures smooth access anytime you need it without depending on variable internet connectivity. All you need handy is a device capable of video playback—a common feature today across gadgets—for an anytime, anywhere learning experience.

Switch to this cool way of educating pre-learners towards building strong language skills through a mix of reading and singing, perfectly personified in the charismatic Five Little Monkeys Video Storybook!

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1 MP4 video storybook for Five Little Monkeys

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