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Five Little Snowmen: Table Tent PDF Activity- Includes Worksheets

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About This Product

Five Little Snowmen | 5 Little Snowmen | speech and language Christmas activity | WH questions | Pacing board | Story Retell | Counting | Sentence Strips | Drawing

This LOW PREP language activity is easy to set-up and works for a variety of ages and language abilities.

* There are a few different versions of this poem- this resource uses the following pattern:

Five little snowmen made of snow,

Five little snowmen in a row,

Out came the sun and shone all day,

And one little snowman melted away...

(etc: 4-3-2-1-0)

Recommended printing on CARDSTOCK. After cutting and folding the table tent pictures, use the song to tell the story of “Five Little Snowmen" (to the tune of Five Little Ducks). After cutting and folding the table tent pictures, use the song to tell the story of “Five Little Snowmen.” Have the five snowmen set up in a row. As the snowmen melt, turn them around to show they are melting as you sing the song. Use the sun, snowball and trees as props to tell the story. Afterwards you can have the students re-tell the story and answer questions. Included you will also find two worksheets for comprehension and counting. You will also find three pacing boards to help with your children who need visual supports to expand sentences or answer questions.
An open-ended drawing page is included as well.

Please enjoy this activity and the beautiful artwork included! Artwork was done by “Flora and Bear” and includes commercial license. Each purchase of this product is for one professional user only. Copyright Power Language Resources. I do encourage you to print multiple pages for your kiddos to take home for carryover purposes.

What's Included

* EASY to prep table tent characters for "Five Little Snowmen" poem,

* WH comprehension worksheet

* Counting worksheet.

* Free draw activity

* pacing board for expanding sentences and answering questions

*** All pages come in color (recommended) and black & white

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Christmas Winter Snowmen WH questions reading comprehension five little snowmen song

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