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Five Little Snowmen, BOOM Cards Speech Therapy, Interactive Story, Homework, WH Questions

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About This Product

About the Resource

Crafting engaging learning experiences gets easier with the resource 'Five Little Snowmen, BOOM Cards Speech Therapy, Interactive Story, Homework, WH Questions.' This digital activity requires no preparation and caters to a wide age group spanning from early learning to grade 2. It has been carefully designed for speech therapy sessions and strengthens understanding of thematic vocabulary while building comprehension skills.

Main Attraction

The focal point of this toolkit is an interactive rendition of the classic winter tale 'Five Little Snowmen.' As you follow along with your students in this story-telling journey, you will also come across built-in language-targeting exercises for enhanced impact. Activities around WH questions (who, what & when), direction-following tasks and sequencing activities sprinkle your lesson plan with engaging elements that keep students focused.

  • An additional set of 10 cards embedded in this product carry systematic review questions related to the story's sequence – another valuable step towards better recall power.
  • The package comes armed with a printable PDF file containing copies of the BOOM cards which can be used multiple times without needing internet access!

Educator-friendly Approach

Be it an entire classroom or small study groups; educators can employ these resources flexibly according to their needs - lending themselves well even as homework assignments. Imagine giving your students something they'd love doing at home!

Safety Measures in Place

Safety is not overlooked here either; adults need an account on Boom Learning for online access which ensures privacy as well as security adherence.

In Summary:
The Five Little Snowmen interactive story set fosters language goals while ensuring much-needed fun during lessons – combining storytelling and therapy sessions into one compact package that teachers would find useful across different levels.

What's Included

- 14 cards telling the story of "Five Little Snowmen" including interactive sequencing and following directions prompts

-10 cards containing "WH" (who, what, when) questions and sequencing questions

- 27 page PDF with copies of BOOM cards to tell story again and complete comprehension questions for in-class or take-home work.

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interactive story speech therapy WH questions sequencing activities digital resource

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