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Flower Power Art Lesson for Kids

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About This Product

Product Description:

Flower Power Art Lesson for Kids is a teaching resource designed to infuse creativity and fun into the learning process. This module isn't confined by grade level - it's flexible enough to be used with students across multiple age groups. The lesson zeroes in on Art and Music, making it a valuable addition to your classroom resources.

Dice Game Format:

The entire Flower Power Art Lesson for Kids module turns art into an engaging game format through dice games, encouraging your students' artistic capacities while keeping them enthusiastically engrossed. Painting, sketching or drawing flowers take a vibrant new turn when completed this interactive approach.

Inclusive Writing Tasks:

Fabricating artwork isn't the only component of this lesson; it’s also inclusive of vital writing tasks. By expressing their thoughts about their own creation completes the learning cycle - they not only create, but also introspect and understand their work better.

  • Reflection: With every completed artwork piece comes an opportunity for students to reflect on what they've made, deepening their understanding of both the artistic process and their personal connection to it.
  • Malleability: This lesson plan is effortlessly modifiable for various teaching settings such as whole group activities or small focused groups too! Even assigning as individual homework tasks wouldn’t present much hassle thanks to its intuitive nature.
The Module Includes:

This Flower Power Art Lesson contains 1 digital PDF file with:

  • 9 ready-to-print pages you can readily use no matter where you're teaching - conventional school classrooms or homeschooling settings alike!
  • An interesting approach where each roll of the dice brings forth vibrant petals ready-made from your student's imagination.

What's Included

1 PDF with 9 ready to print pages

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