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Forces Team Quest Interactive Quiz

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

A fantastic way to consolidate learning at the end of a middle school module on moments, speed, pressure and Hooke’s Law. Also an enjoyable and engaging activity for end of year or back to school.


Prior Knowledge Required

>F1 x d1 = F2 x d2

>The turning effect of a moment increases as the distance from the pivot increases

>The wheelbarrow and tongs as levers

>speed = distance/time.

>pressure = force/area

>Units for pressure as N/m2 and Pascals

>Number air particles  decrease with altitude

>Atmospheric pressure increases with altitude.

>Stretching and compression

>Elastic materials

>Elastic limit


Team Quest also promotes team – building and is a 59 question, animated, interactive team quiz with built – in scoreboard for up to seven teams. All questions are pictorial and multiple choice.


Team Rounds

>Each team will attempt their own three questions, the answer to each of which must be decided by the whole team. If a wrong answer is given, the next question goes to the first hand up and, if correct, that person’s team get to try the rest of the round.

>Each team will also have to solve the clues to identify a fact or process.

>There are three lightning rounds in which team members consult to try to identify a slowly revealed fact or process..

>Memory Test – questions on the order and detail of eleven objects which cross the screen then disappear.


Individual Rounds

>One unscramble and identify rounds which consists of a picture which has been cut up and rearranged.

>Memory Test – give coordinates of magnets which have moved around a grid

>Finally, the fifteen - question individual bonus round. This round allows flexibility in terms of the time the quiz takes as not all the questions have to be attempted. The quiz therefore can last between 40 and 50 minutes.


Full instructions are given on the PowerPoint itself.

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What's Included

Animated 68 slide interactive slideshow

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pressure atmospheric pressure speed moments Hooke's Law elastic limit stretching and compression force

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