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Forest Fruits Printable Watercolor Flashcards

Forest Fruits Printable Watercolor Flashcards
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

Forest Fruits Printable Watercolor Flashcards

Suitable for Grades 1 through 5, these stimulating flashcards light the path for an enticing botanical journey. Combining nature studies with a peek into the vast array of nuts and berries in forests, this teaching resource is filled to the brim with educational benefits.

  • Twelve hand-painted watercolor illustrations: Depicts the diverse range of flora waiting to be explored in our forests.
  • Tactile teaching aids: Use during science lessons, storytelling sessions or integrate seamlessly with field trips.
  • Included poster: Features all twelve illustrations enhancing aesthetic value while reinforcing learning.

The inclusion of a poster serves as a constant learning reminder about different forest fruits when displayed on bulletin boards or utilised during group activities. This fosters enriching discussions and knowledge sharing about native forest fruits amongst students.

The product comes as an A4 printable PDF digital download. Enhance its appeal by printing onto high-quality paper like 'watercolor paper'. By doing so, teachers can recreate original paintings promoting an enjoyable yet insightful learning environment!

All Round Educational Tool

This comprehensive learning aid will enhance student engagement levels - serving its purpose across public schools and home-school settings alike. The Forest Fruits Printable Watercolor Flashcards do not simply act as learning tools but play a pivotal role in sparking curiosity within students for exploring surrounding flora. This in return encourages independent exploration alongside honing observational skills and growing their scientific vocabulary! A highly versatile resource providing extra value during small group study sessions or individual homework assignments.).

What's Included

You will receive a digital download file in PDF format sized to A4 ready to print.

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