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Fossils - Scientific Reading Comprehension Article – Grades 5-7

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Grade 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

Discover the Mysteries of Fossils! This science reading comprehension article engages students in grades 5-7. Learn how fossils form through processes like petrification, compression, and mummification. See how fossils provide a window into prehistoric life on Earth. This 6-7th grade reading includes an informative article explaining what fossils are, how they form, and what they tell us. It tackles cross-curricular literacy and science standards. With a variety of knowledge and critical thinking questions, this resource improves reading skills. It introduces earth science concepts aligned to NGSS standards. Use this adaptable reading comprehension in class or for remote learning. This printable or paperless activity works for whole group, small group, or independent practice. Complete with an answer key, see how fossils unlock mysteries of the past. Unearth science and literacy success!

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-Reading passage as a DOC and PDF

-Comprehension questions w/ Answer Key

-Google Reading Access PDF

The reading looks at:

- What Fossils Are

- How Fossils Are Formed

• Petrification

• Compression

• Molds and casts

• Mummification

• Complete Preservation

- What Fossils Can Tell Us

Resource Tags

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