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All About Fossils | Earth Science Unit

All About Fossils | Earth Science Unit
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

All About Fossils | Earth Science Unit

This comprehensive teaching resource adds depth and dimension to your earth science curriculum by delving into the fascinating world of fossils and their contribution to our understanding of earth's history.

Main Topics:

  • Different types of fossilization,

  • Knowledge derived from fossils about our planet's past,

  • The essential role of paleontologists,

  • Specific ancient creatures that once roamed the earth.

A highlight is a hands-on geochronological timeline activity, offering a unique learning experience.

This pack has been designed with flexibility in mind - it can serve whole-group instructions or smaller focus groups. Also, it’s suitable for both homework and class-activities with resources adaptable for digital classrooms.

Pack Contents:

  • A sample lesson plan schedule

  • Suggested projects & activities along with video links (QR codes and URLs)

  • Vocabulary & spelling words related to fossils - featuring 21 vocabulary word strips,

  • Educative Posters: Covering aspects like where fossils are found or different fossilization processes such as Amber & Carbonization. Articles provided at two reading levels along with cut-and-glue projects like My Fossil Collection and The Fossil Record.

  • Creative Engagement: dinosaur colored page engagement pieces added in the end, writing templates cater perfectly for early writing grades encouraging exploration around scientific disciplines right from initial stages.

 This unit is recommended for teaching Grade 1 through Grade 4.

Resource Tags

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