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FREE Order of Operations Color by Number | Winter Activity

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Grade 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Get ready for a FREE Winter math adventure about Order if Operations that's as cool as it is educational!

Dive into the world of Order of Operations with this awesome color-by-number activity.

Your students will need to solve 7 fun math problems, all wrapped up in a Winter wonderland theme – complete with snowflakes, a penguin and chilly charm!

No need to stress about prep; just hit print and let the math magic happen.

The best part? It's not your average worksheet! The color-by-number format turns solving problems into a game, keeping your students on their toes and excited to reveal and color a hidden Winter masterpiece.

What makes this activity extra special? Instant feedback, and kids can work at their own pace.

With solutions included, students can double-check their answers right away. It's like having a built-in safety net that boosts their confidence and helps them learn from their own successes and oops moments.

This isn't just another math resource; it's a versatile tool for all occasions:

  1. Practice: Turn practice into play with targeted questions that reinforce Order of Operations skills.

  2. Homework Adventures: Make homework something they look forward to – a chance to uncover the Winter mystery while mastering math.

  3. Review Fun: Spice up review sessions by turning them into engaging challenges that refresh their memory.

  4. Substitute Teacher Hero: Rest easy knowing your class is in for a treat even when you can't be there.

And who could resist the Winter theme? It's not just math; it's a visual treat that brings the season's magic into your classroom.

So, there you have it – more than a math activity, it's a Winter adventure in learning. Let your students learn and consolidate their math skills and a sprinkle of seasonal joy, making your classroom a place where learning feels like a snowy stroll in the park!

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