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Order of Operations | Digital Escape Room Code Breaker

Order of Operations | Digital Escape Room Code Breaker
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Grade 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Get ready to unlock the secrets of mathematics by tackling a series of captivating Order of Operations challenges! The Order of Operations | Digital Escape Room Code Breaker is an engaging activity that presents 20 problems for you and your students to solve in order to crack the code and open the digital safe.

Designed with sixth-grade students in mind, this digital escape room provides an exciting opportunity to practice and reinforce their understanding of solving expressions using the order of operations.

Versatile in nature, this activity can be tailored to various teaching formats, accommodating whole or small group settings, as well as individual practice sessions. Whether you choose to incorporate it into your lesson plan, group activities, or independent assignments, this code breaker activity will undoubtedly enhance your students' mastery of order of operations concepts.

To successfully unlock the safe, students must diligently work through the 20 problems, showcasing their ability to navigate different types of expressions.

The set includes five problems without parentheses or exponents, five problems with parentheses but no exponents, five problems without parentheses but with exponents, and five problems with both parentheses and exponents. By successfully solving these challenges, students will unravel the code and gain access to the treasure hidden within the digital safe.

As an online interactive activity, this escape room requires minimal preparation. Simply provide your students with the link, and they can embark on their code-breaking adventure. No need to configure locks or hide clues – everything they need is conveniently accessible online. Additionally, there is no requirement for Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams logins, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for both educators and students.

This resource offers more than just order of operations practice. It can also serve as valuable supplementary material for remediation, providing additional support to students who may require extra practice. Furthermore, the code breaker activity can be utilized as a rewarding and exciting "Fun Friday" activity, injecting an element of enjoyment into the learning process. It can even serve as an engaging lesson plan before a busy holiday break or as an emergency substitute teacher activity.

Embrace the challenge and unlock the world of order of operations with the Order of Operations | Digital Escape Room Code Breaker. Prepare your students for a thrilling mathematical adventure as they tackle complex expressions and crack the code to reveal the hidden treasure within the digital safe.

What's Included

Link to the activity

Printable task cards with the questions

Answer sheet




Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols.


Write and evaluate numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents.

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