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French: Problème de maths addition et soustraire grade 5

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

French: Problème de maths addition et soustraire grade 5

A comprehensive teaching resource for educators focused on imparting mathematical problem-solving skills to their Grade 5 students. This downloadable PDF offers an abundance of math problems that tackle addition and subtraction.

How it serves to enhance competency?

Please note, this product caters to students ranging from Grade 3 -5 with an emphasis on World Languages particularly French. It basically includes worksheets aimed at developing mathematical competence amidst understanding the language.

The Product Structure

  • Begins with tables featuring additions up to 9+9.
  • This is followed by practice modules reinforcing the learned concepts.
  • In-depth information about additions and subtractions forms a significant part of this workbook paired with practical real-world examples.

Throughout these engaging lessons, students will encounter variously themed problems like 'La famille Martin’s Voyage', 'Pokemon Card Games' or even basketball competitions among others. Despite different contexts, all exercises serve the similar academic objective – strengthening children's numerical abilities while improving their fluency in French.

The Additional Perks​

To assist comprehension further, each mathematical exercise within this resource is accompanied by corresponding solutions! This thoughtful inclusion builds a learning environment where children are encouraged towards self-study and understanding without explicit supervision​.

Note: These resources can be used one-on-one or group settings as per each student’s skill level or class size respectively. It can also serve as independent homework assignments if need be.

What's Included

1 pdf and 105 pages

Resource Tags

math problems addition and subtraction French language problem-solving skills worksheets

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