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French Connect 4 Game - Regular IR Verbs - Present Tense

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

The French Connect 4 Game - Regular IR Verbs - Present Tense

An innovative teaching resource designed to assist students in mastering regular IR verbs in the present tense. This game intertwines education with amusement, fostering a unique language learning approach that will appeal to learners with varying styles.

Game Content and Usage

  • A dynamic and engaging review of eight prevalent French verbs such as 'Choisir,' 'Finir,' 'Grandir,' 'Remplir,' 'Grossir,' 'Réussir,' VIEILLIR', and 'Rougir.'
  • Suitable for Grade 6 through Grade 10 French students focusing on regular verbs ending in IR.
  • Can be easily adopted as a fun group activity or set up as center station, inviting lively interaction and concentrated thoughtfulness, or alternatively used as homework.

The Benefits of the Game

In addition to tangibly making learning enjoyable, it also strengthens understanding of verb utilization within various sentence structures. The competitive element furthermore drives learners to stay driven even outside the school environment.

Packaged Resources
  • A comprehensive PDF containing step-by-step instructions on how-to-play is included so no player is left at sea during playtime.
  • An additional PDF provides all accurate answers enabling players to validate their responses after gameplay consequently making it simpler than ever before for players to discern their successes or identify areas needing improvement.

In conclusion, this exceptional educational tool stands out not just because it encapsulates both curriculum alignment and integration of entertainment but its seamless blending of well-rounded practice with operational ease makes learning regular IR verbs a gratifying experience!

If you're ready to revolutionize your students’ language skills, give The French Connect 4 Game - Regular IR Verbs - Present Tense a try for an exciting blend of enjoyable learning and organized revision. A true game-changer in the domain of language learning!

What's Included

2 PDFs

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