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French: Dots and Boxes- Grammar- Je + common verbs in the Present

French: Dots and Boxes- Grammar- Je + common verbs in the Present
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

French: Dots and Boxes- Grammar- Je + common verbs in the Present

A valuable teaching resource designed for educators to facilitate effective French language learning. This comprehensive resource offers two engaging Dots and Boxes games that allow students to practice their command of regular and irregular verbs, using the pronoun JE in the present tense. An excellent fit for Grade 6 through Grade 10.

Educational Tool: Students are given opportunities to express themselves accurately in French through practical application of conjugation rules. Empowers them with confidence and fluency in French communication. The games included are adaptable for both small group interactions or large classroom settings.

  • Double-sided:: Enables learners to translate from French to English or vice versa.

  • Sustainability: Educators can laminate these materials, turning them into mini-whiteboards.

  • Gameplay:: Instructions provided are straightforward yet stimulating with players taking turns drawing lines between dots while providing French equivalents for English terms on either side of each line segment.

This resource provides an extensive list of commonly used regular and irregular verbs like j'accepte (I accept), je raconte (I tell), among others including irregular verb forms such as j'ai (I have) or je fais (I do).

Digital Format Strengths:

  • The PDF format guarantees compatibility across most devices allowing teachers access anytime ensuring smooth integration into lesson plans wherever required.

In Summary

This teaching resource skillfully merges instructive requirements with playful learning, instilling interest towards understanding intricate aspects of French grammar specifically, conjugating with 'Je'. A bonus for a meaningful and interactive language learning experience.

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