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French for Kids: Thematic Lessons Gr. 1-4

French for Kids: Thematic Lessons Gr. 1-4
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Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

French for Kids: Thematic Lessons Gr. 1-4

An invaluable teaching resource designed specially for educators focusing on the world languages curriculum. This resource is primarily intended for Grade 1 and Grade 2 students who are learning French as a second language.

Collection and Focus

This outstanding collection features reproducible, black-line thematic lessons and exercises drawn from the popular 'Chansons thématiques pour apprendre la langue'. The focus here is on fun, practical learning with topics ranging from:

  • Common expressions
  • Courteous greetings
  • Telling time
  • Different modes of transportation
  • Talking about pets.

Prepositions in French

The importance of prepositions in French sentence formulation has been addressed directly aiding young learners to grasp their importance more easily.

A Distinctive Approach: Incorporating Culture into Learning

The standout feature of this product lies in its distinctive integration of elements from the French culture into its lesson designs. This immersive approach enriches basic language lessons while broadening a learner's intercultural communication skills - providing them with substantial knowledge beyond mere vocabulary or grammar components.

Versatile Implementation & Convenient Format:

This can be creatively implemented across various settings - within whole classrooms promoting discussions or small collaborative groups encouraging peer-to-peer interaction; even assigned as homework to reinforce learned content at home. It's also ideal for homeschoolers looking to offer a comprehensive yet engaging introduction to the French language.
All resources are presented in PDF format facilitating class-wide accessibility with just a click - you can print them out when needed or project onto whiteboards during live classroom discussions.


French for Kids: Thematic Lessons Gr. 1-4 elevates basic foreign language instruction by fusing pedagogical excellence with cultural immersion to create an enriched classroom environment that increases student engagement and makes each lesson meaningful.

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