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French: Halloween- Worksheet

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

French: Halloween- Worksheet

This is a comprehensive and versatile tool, primarily working as a fantastic teaching resource to bolster students' French language skills with an edge of festive, Halloween-themed fun. Suitable for mixed ability classes or all grades within the range, these worksheets come in three levels of difficulty.


  • Each worksheet employs four fun-filled activities to foster vocabulary enrichment viz. word-picture matching tasks, word unscrambling exercises, word searches, and fill-in-the-gap/translation assignments.
  • The keyword set widens with each level more elaborate than the last; the words are relevant to both learning French as well as being thematically appropriate.


  • Version 1: Beginning with ten unique keywords such as 'un fantôme' (ghost), 'une maison hantée' (haunted house), 'une sorcière' (witch), and so forth.
  • Version 2: The same words from Version 1 along with four additional words like 'un cercueil'(coffin) or 'un squelette'(skeleton).
  • 'Advanced Version': This level introduces further terms like ‘un balai’ meaning broom or ‘un corbeau,’ translating into crow.

The flexibility of these worksheets extends to various usage scenarios encompassing whole group instruction within classrooms or small group facilitation. These can also function as homework assignments for continual reinforcement outside school environment.

What your purchase will include are three separate .pdf files carrying these sheets, which are bundled in a .zip folder; you may find the answers conveniently provided on the second page of each .pdf document.

Note: These worksheets are not editable to maintain consistent high-quality content regardless of usage parameters.

Target Audience:

Ideal for students of Grade level 5 to 8 enrolled in a World Languages curriculum with a specific focus on French studies. These activity-focused worksheets blend language learning with lively holiday context, making them enriching resources.

What's Included

A .zip folder with 3 pdf files

Resource Tags

French language Vocabulary acquisition Halloween-themed Mixed ability classes Language learning

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