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French: jeu des 7 familles- Conjugation Speaking Game- Regular ER verbs in the Present

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About This Product

French: jeu des 7 familles- Conjugation Speaking Game - Regular ER verbs in the Present

This fun and interactive teaching resource is tailor-made specifically for mastering the present tense conjugation of -ER verbs in French.

List of Frequently Used Verbs included:
  • Regarder
  • Jouer
  • Écouter
  • Manger
  • Danser
  • Penser
  • Aimer

The seven verbs or 'families' include six pronouns, representing each family member - je, tu, il/elle/on (collectively elles), nous, vous. This results in a total of 42 different cards (size: approx.7.5 cm x4.5 cm) to be printed.

Directions and Additional Information:

The teaching resource comes with detailed instructions available both in English and French languages contained within the .zip folder accessible upon purchase. The package includes:

  1. Seven pages with six unique cards per page,
  3. The rules for playing the game;
  4.   projected using PowerPoint presentations onto your media board.

Note:Cards are non-editable after printing but can also be used informally such as during lunch hours or after-school clubs hence making learning an ongoing yet enjoyable task outside standard academic hours too. In terms of usage, it's recommended to use this game with small groups ranging from two to six students per set ensuring focused learning while adding a competitive edge that fuels further interest among players. This card game has proven effectiveness over sessions lasting 20 to 30 minutes and can be suitably adapted across various educational levels and diverse teaching settings, including:
  • Introduction of new vocabulary during whole group sessions,
  • Boosting student engagement in small group activities, and
  • Serving as a useful tool for independent home assignments aimed at reinforcing the learned material.

Thus it's not only a unique teaching resource but also highly versatile and practical for both students and teachers alike.

What's Included

a .zip file with:

Cards ( 7 pages pdf file)

Rules ( .pdf and .PPT)

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French verbs Present tense Conjugation game Regular -ER verbs Speaking activity

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