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French Math: Nombres et opérations 2 - Plan de leçon numérique An. 3-5 | PC Software

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

French Math: Nombres et opérations 2 – Digital Lesson Plan for Year 3-5 | PC Software

Available as an instant download in both French and English versions, this meticulously-created maths program ensures accessibility for a multilingual class.

  • Over 230 individual activities spread across more than 80 interactive screen pages are encompassing all key concepts within the Number & Operations strand of the NCTM and State Curriculum. This wide-ranging coverage assures no gaps in delivering quality math education.
  • The pedagogical approach is rooted in variety - engaging cognitive processes with task activities while emphasizing reinforcement with drill methods.
  • A suitable assessment tool, incorporating pre-assessment activities at onset, aiding to map the current understanding of your students in numbers and operations.
  • Promotes practical thinking skills by presenting real-life applications. Word problems revolved around everyday experiences are integrated into the program.
  • Firm up conceptual comprehension via +150 drill problems crafted to enhance procedural proficiency skills of students, adding layers to their understanding.

Including recreational elements like -

  1. A memory match game,
  2. A board game,,
  1. A spinner game,,This all-in-one educational software is not just limited to teaching materials but it also bears potential as homework assignments fostering independent learning.

    The unique feature includes text-to-speech capability catering both French and English languages-, treasuring an innovative attitude towards language inclusion.

    Specially formatted for compatible PCs (provided as a compressed .zip file), French Math: Nombres et opérations fuses technology into your math lessons. This all-inclusive digital teaching tool is an indispensable resource for maximum stimulation of student participation in every educator's effort to enrich their math instruction.

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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