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French Passé Composé with Irregular AVOIR Verbs Dice Game - Jeu de Dés

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Teaching the passé composé of irregular verbs with avoir as a helping verb can be tricky! This is the easiest, most engaging, no prep 30 minute dice game you'll find that your students will LOVE! Five versions are included. All you have to do is print and go!

Students divide into teams and play a dice game, the dice determining which subjects and verbs to conjugate. Check out the preview to see exactly how you can use this activity in your French classroom to practice conjugating irregular French verbs using avoir as a helping verb in the passé composé, and scroll down for a list of verbs.

Expect your students to:

  • love reviewing conjugations this way and ask for more

  • master irregular French verbs with avoir in the passé composé

  • be fully engaged in the game for a solid 30 minutes

  • learn a lot of new verbs

Included with this resource:

  • five different versions of the game with answers

  • student response and scoring sheet

  • how to play

You will love seeing your students:

  • taking on leadership roles within their groups

  • correcting and helping each other with conjugations

  • actively engaging in this important grammar topic

My students love this game, and it can get very competitive if you decide to play it as a race. Comprehensive instructions are included.

Verbs included:

  • prendre

  • boire

  • sortir (to take something out)

  • lire

  • croire

  • avoir

  • être

  • voir

  • dormir

  • devoir

  • courir

  • conduire

  • connaître

  • vivre

  • dire

  • rire

  • mettre

  • traduire

  • souffrir

  • ouvrir

  • faire

  • pouvoir

  • vouloir

  • suivre

  • permettre

  • recevoir

What teachers like you are saying about this French dice game:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "My students really enjoyed this game, and as I walked around the room the groups had great dialogue happening as they helped each other. I saw a few students take a leadership role in their groups that I hadn't expected."

Unlike other teaching resources, this game requires absolutely no preparation on your part, saving you valuable time and energy. Within just 30 minutes, you can witness your students' enthusiasm soar as they dive into this immersive learning experience. With five different versions included, you'll have an array of options to keep the excitement alive and cater to various student preferences.

The game mechanics are simple yet effective. Students divide into teams, creating a dynamic and collaborative learning environment. As the dice are rolled, they determine the subjects and verbs to conjugate, adding an element of chance and unpredictability to the gameplay. This interactive approach not only reinforces the students' understanding of the imperfect tense but also enhances their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

What's Included

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