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French reading Activity Lecture les zombis en Haiti

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Lecture les zombis en Haiti

A Reading Activity in French Language, Designed for Grade 9 to 12

This is an engaging educational resource focused on the French language, tailored to suit students ranging from Grade 9 until Grade 12. It revolves around the fascinating topic of zombies' origins in Vaudou, a form of Haitian Voodoo culture. The product provides not only a unique tool for improving linguistic skills but also enriches learners' understanding about diverse aspects of francophone societies outside Europe.

Main Features:

  • Contextualized within Haitian folklore and mythology

  • An Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) style approach

  • Suitable for classroom or remote learning environments.

  • Digital format accessible via Google Docs™

This teaching resource proves useful primarily for those teachers aiming to evaluate their students holistically in terms of interpretive reading and cultural knowledge.

Benefits of Use:

  1. Fosters interest through exciting topics based on Haitian Voodoo culture.

  2. Promotes understanding about diverse aspects of francophone societies.

  3. Holistically evaluates readers proficiency in multiple aspects including interpretive reading and cultural knowledge.

Potential Integrations:
If you have previously used units focusing on Martinique or similar areas, this product acts as an ideal complementary resource providing a broader perspective on Francophonie within the Caribbean region.

In conclusion,"Lecture les zombis en Haiti", is a prime selection amongst teaching resources that strive towards making French more relatable while grounding lessons within compelling socio-cultural frameworks across the globe. 

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