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French: Livret pour accompagner ¨Bienvenue chez les Ch´tis¨

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

French Teaching Resource: Bienvenue chez les Ch´tis" Activity Booklet

As educators know, real-life applications and cultural immersion is a significant aspect of language teaching. That's why this resource, centered around the popular French film "Bienvenue chez les Ch´tis", can play a pivotal role in your quest to teach French from level 4 Honors to AP classes. Before integrating it into your lesson plan, we recommend watching the film to ensure its suitability for your learners.

This resource is expertly designed to provide a mental break in our 'Tour de France' unit. The unit encourages students to explore how language and geography shape regional cultural identities.

The product contains:

  • A series of reflection questions about the film designed to steer students preparing for an AP-style persuasive essay.

  • An engaging workbook on one of France's beloved comedies.

Apart from these, included within are some valuable resources for improving academic writing specifically tailored for Intermediate and Advanced Low students. These resources target common errors with BAGS adjectives, subjunctive usage, and encourage varying uses of 'bon' & 'mauvais'. Furthermore, these writing contexts link directly with ClassKick for seamless integration with virtual learning environments.

A particularly unique feature is that student self-assessment is incorporated as part of teaching methodology. Students get exposed to a checklist covering elements they need enhancement on- facilitating transition from draft compositions into final polished versions successfully.


Though suitable for grade 9-12 learners majoring in World Languages (particularly French), this Google Docs file-based product may also be well used by homeschoolers following similar curricular or independent study programs needing assessments materials/tools that truly make embracing foreign languages enjoyable – hence more effective!

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