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Galaxies & The Universe: Introduction to the Universe - FLASH-PC

Galaxies & The Universe: Introduction to the Universe - FLASH-PC
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Galaxies and the Universe: Introduction to the Universe - FLASH-PC

An essential teaching resource designed to simplify complex astronomy concepts for Grade 5 through Grade 8 students. It's compatible with PC software and aims at creating a comprehensive, interactive environment that fosters curiosity about cosmic entities.

Tailored Educational Content
This educational content is geared towards introducing students to the colossal expanse of galaxies and universe. The materials are
  • Informed by Common Core State Standards, guaranteeing they meet designated learning outcomes.
  • Follows Bloom's Taxonomy, which promotes varied levels of thinking skills among students.
Robust Reading Passages
With Galaxies & The Universe: Introduction to the Universe FLASH-PC, educators receive robust reading passages that have been carefully crafted for optimum comprehension. This approach ensures students grasp core concepts while stimulating a deep interest in studying astronomy. Also included are 'before you read' and 'after you read' questions with each passage. Sterling Features Incorporated:
  • Appealing printables and vocabulary flash cards – promoting hands-on involvement while expanding scientific terminologies.
  • An integration of audio-video components along with interactive activities offers immersive experiences solidifying comprehension through visualizations combined with auditory reinforcements.
Apt For Various Settings:
Equally suited to both public-school teachers as well as homeschoolers alike. Whether implemented in whole group classes or smaller study circles or even assigned as out-of-class assignments. In summary, the "Galaxies & The Universe: Introduction to the Universe FLASH-PC" emerges as an effective tool responding adeptly to evolving instructional methods within educational landscapes today. It provides a streamlined blend of theory information supplemented by not just active but interactive learning tools fostering holistic student growth within astronomical sciences.

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