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Game: Battleship Coordinate

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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Battleship Coordinate: An Engaging Teaching Resource

The Battleship Coordinate is a versatile teaching tool tailored specifically to enhance the coordinate grid skills of students in Grades 4 through 7. Using the traditional game of Battleship, it creates an engaging learning environment that stimulates young minds and provides much-needed mathematical practice.


This exciting resource centres around application-based learning - plotting points on a graph to 'sink ships'. Each player uses a pencil to mark their ship locations while recording these exact coordinates on the left side of their page.

Suggested Usage
  • We recommend printing this resource double-sided, with a (x,y) reminder printed at the top rear side.

  • This reference point allows learners easy access during playtime - without revealing any information about ship locations.

  • The key element of mystery integral to Battleship is preserved, ensuring an exhilarating experience for all users.

This product comes in PDF format for easy accessibility for modern class setups as well as virtual schooling requirements. You also have an option for four quadrant coordinate battleships if you prefer increased complexity catering to older grades or advanced learners.

Suitable for incorporation into your math curriculum or after-school learning programs,, this material enriches study areas including Math subtopics such as Geometry and Graphing – making it exceptionally comprehensive educational aid!

Purpose & Benefits

Inclusion of familiar concepts like board games into classroom instruction can revolutionize student perception towards learning; morphing it from a daunting task into enjoyable endeavors while thereby significantly uplift enthusiasm levels.
Battleship Coordinate embodies this notion expertly by transforming math practice sessions from being traditionally mundane deskwork-related experiences into thrilling hands-on activities with valuable lessons reinforced at every turn!

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Battleship Coordinate Grid Math Practice Geometry Graphing

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