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Game: Internet Safety

An educational teaching resource from Resource Garden entitled Game: Internet Safety downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Internet Safety Board Game: A Teaching Resource for Internet Safety

This constructive resource tailored for students of grade 1- 4 attempts to bolster their digital literacy through an interactive board game. The printable format ensures flexibility and ease of use in the classroom scenario.

Main Components:

  • An engaging board design that charts the player's learning journey.

  • Comprehensive instructions that guide users through the gameplay.

  • Dice cards with questions about internet safety on one side and answers on the other, marked also with steps to move forward or backward on the board.

  • Sorting cards designed to categorize various digital elements into appropriate segments illustrated by a t-chart.

The Gameplay:

The progress in this game is tied intrinsically to content knowledge – accurate answers help players advance quicker! The ultimate goal is not just crossing the finish line first but amassing correctly answered 'ERRORS' along your journey, each representing wise online choices.

Detective card prompts interspersed in gameplay offer opportunities for players due prove their understanding by identifying insecure aspects within given scenarios. In hindsight, post-game discussions among students guided by educators significantly strengthen teachings from each round.

This Internet Safety Board Game replaces traditional teaching methods making way for exploration within safe boundaries - ensuring smiles stay intact while enlightened young minds navigate technological waters!

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