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Gas Laws - Senior Chemistry lesson

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Grade 10, 11, 12

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Introduction to Gases - Senior Chemistry Lesson Dive into the world of gases with this engaging chemistry lesson for high school students. Discover properties of gases, kinetic molecular theory, units of pressure, and more. The presentation examines the Kelvin temperature scale, barometers and manometers, and standard ambient conditions. Keep students actively engaged with the student version containing strategic blanks to fill in. Videos further solidify understanding of concepts. Extend learning with the auto-graded exit ticket and student lesson handout. Whether you utilize PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word, or Google Docs, this adaptable lesson has you covered with both Office and Google formats. Use it for whole-class instruction, small groups, or independent work. Assessment is made easy with the included quiz and answer key. This complete lesson drives home key chemistry concepts for grades 10-12.

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