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GCSE English Literature: The Complete Romeo and Juliet (12x2 hour lessons)

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

GCSE English Literature: The Complete Romeo and Juliet (12x2 hour lessons)

This is a comprehensive set of resources designed specifically for those teaching Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Every lesson delves into different areas of this acclaimed love story, examining not just the plot but also deeper themes that keep it relevant today.

Designed with the UK GCSE literature curriculum in mind, these materials can also be adapted for use in American classrooms. The dynamic PowerPoint lessons work well in a variety of teaching situations, from traditional classrooms to online platforms such as Google Meets.

Lesson Structure

  • An introductory activity centred around Romeo and Juliet
  • Glossaries to help decipher Shakespearian language
  • Discussion prompts based on summaries and analysis questions
  • A writing task focused on textual analysis to enhance structured writing skills
  • Extension tasks aimed at deepening contextual understanding

  • Bullet point TestData: •
  • A homework assignment to reinforce taught concepts

The Plenary

This part of each lesson offers teachers a chance to assess student learning and identify areas requiring more emphasis or review. This flexibility allows educators to incorporate the resource both within class time or as part of homework routines.

Suitable For...

Suitably crafted for grades ranging from 9 through 12 studying Language Arts, particularly literature; incorporating these tools into your routine would significantly reduce the planning time required for Romeo & Juliet lessons while increasing students' literary competence.

What's Included

12 PowerPoints

Resource Tags

Romeo and Juliet Shakespearean drama GCSE literature English Literature thematic analysis

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