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Gene Engineering CRISPR - Intro to Genetics Lesson & Worksheets (Digital and Print)

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Grade 7, 8, 9





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About This Product

Gene editing technology is rapidly advancing. CRISPR can change human DNA forever, influencing the way humans look and act. Will there soon be a genome editing market? Students will learn the basics of how gene editing CRISPR cas9 is used for gene editing humans. They will also be introduced to the pros and cons of gene editing, basic gene editing research and gene editing clinical trials that were done without permission.

CRISPR presents a deeply complicated ethical dilemma. Students will read an educational article about CRISPR Cas9, which is arguably the most important biotechnology advancement of the last decade.  It gives us the potential to prevent or cure diseases that cause human suffering and could even be used to improve the human species beyond our current capabilities. But editing the human germline is a permanent decision. The consequences cannot be foreseen but they have the potential to be devastating.

Bundle includes file in two formats to ensure all students can complete the lesson no matter what type of device they are working on.

- Digitally fillable PDF

- Printable PDF

- Google Slides Hyperdoc with fillable fields for students

⏳ Teaching Time

About 40 minutes

What's Included

1 zip file with 3 PDFs.

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