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Geography Scavanger Hunt: Alaska

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Geography Scavenger Hunt: Alaska

The Geography Scavenger Hunt: Alaska is a hands-on teaching resource, designed practically for students in grades 3 through 6. This resource introduces learners effectively to geographical concepts like cardinal and intermediate directions.

Coverage of the Map Activity

  • Prompts students to answer questions using an included map of Alaska.

  • Covers important cities, notorious bodies of water, distinct landforms, national parks and monuments.

  • Fosters students' observational abilities as they assimilate details pertaining to each location.

Versatility in Learning Scenarios

This engaging scavenger hunt can be implemented across multiple learning scenarios:

  1. In whole group instruction facilitating collective learning.

  2. In small groups promoting cooperative learning.

  3. As engaging homework assignments fostering self-directed exploration.

Beyond being a collection of map-related exercises, this activity becomes an enjoyable journey that ignites curiosity about Alaska's diverse geography among young learners. It lays solid groundwork for advanced geography lessons while reinforcing key geographical concepts.

Suggested Related Resources for Teachers:

  • 'US state-by-state map scavenger bundle'

  • 'USA 5 Regions Unit Bundle': For comprehensive coverage of all five US regions including identification quizzes and activities comparing different regions.

About The Resource Files:

This two-page resource comes as easy-to-print PDF files that maintain quality even when shared online. Ideal both for traditional classroom setups or homeschooling scenarios.

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